About us

Webilee is a Website design agency situated in Cape Town South Africa. We are dedicated to the well-being of our clients businesses and the best way to do business in our day and age is via online presence.

Webilee is a fresh and dynamic web design agency established in Cape Town South Africa. Webilee is equipped with a team of creatives who specialise in the building of websites and various social media platforms, all with one focus and that is to light the way. Light The Way for your business in order to Light The Way for your clients. 

With the help of digital marketing skills, analytics & proper search engine optimisation, Webilee will assist to take your business to a whole other level.  

Who we are
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Our Vision

What we see

To see small business receive the opportunity to make an impact and to stand witness of the progress. Promoting honesty, professionalism and trust through our work in the digital world.

Our Mission

What we plan

To create a platform for growth, and be the example in leading businesses in the right direction. From darkness to light build on true values of integrity and faith in the world place.

Our Passion
Is our Pride
Meet the Owner

More about the Bossman

My biggest desire for this company is to assure that every client crossing our path will find comfort in knowing that the road ahead are set out for success.

The desire is to help small business become the light of their industry. Imagine your company is no longer just another contact reference but actually a business that sheds the light on your clients interest and in return you gain your ROI.

Help others help you. Light The Way.  

Owner Webilee